Complaint Report


Complaint Report

Fill in all relevant fields in the report. Fields marked with * are always required.

Check all the information and click on the send button at the bottom of the form to send the report to Sörling-Ilsbo.

You will then receive an email confirmation with a case number that you can refer to in any subsequent correspondence.

Customer/Notifier information

Information about the notifier:
Company name:*
Customer No:
Type of truck/brand: Reg No:  
Body type:
Sörling-Ilsbo order No:*
(7 digits ex: 20x-0xxx)
Delivery date
from Sörling-Ilsbo:
Notifier/Customer reference No:  
Customer information (Leave blank if same as notifier):
Customer/Customer contact:
Company name:

Description of Complaint

Explain the reason for the complaint as detailed as possible.
If you have already incurred costs regarding the complaint,
enter these below, otherwise leave fields blank:

Complaint goods

Description: Art No: Quantity: Unit price: Amount:
      Total sum:

Installation works:

Work specification: Time (hours): Unit price: Amount:
    Total sum:

Complaint goods/Credit invoice

Have received replacement parts that are invoiced, if the complaint is approved
please credit the invoice with the following number:

Sent parts should be labeled with the case number that you receive
in the mail confirmation after you submit your report.

If the complaint is not accepted, sent parts are returned ONLY if specified
in the complaint report, otherwise they are scrapped immediately.


Below you have the option to attach up to 5 descriptive photos of the complaint
(JPEG images, max size 2MB):
Enter the validation code you see below (letters / numbers in black color):