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Sörling Shifts Up a Gear.

Through our new factory in Jelcz, we at Sörling can offer higher quality and faster deliveries, both from Sweden and Poland. The new robot welding line enables tailor-made solutions with the highest precision, while the fully equipped paint shop means that we can offer paint jobs in any color, down to the smallest detail.

Double Strength.

With production, assembly and delivery in both Knivsta and Jelcz, we have the capacity to deliver what you need, when you need it.

Precision Tools for Heavy Jobs.

No matter what challenge you face, we can adapt our products so they fit the task just right. By balancing everything from material selection, thickness, hydraulic system, axles and wheels, we ensure that you always have the right solution for your assignment. Our constant development work through advanced FEM calculations, optimization of construction and modern material choices means that Sörling is always at the forefront.

What You Need.

As Sörling supplies complete car and trailer combinations, we understand your everyday life, what it requires and the challenges you face. Whether you want to create an entire carriage or need a new dumper basket, we will help you develop the right solution, adapted to your needs.

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