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In 1924, Johan Sörling set up the company in Rosersberg. In its early stages, the business began focusing on the transport sector, which was expanding steadily as motoring became more commonplace.

The company successfully introduced a range of products of interest and value to the transport industry. The following secured a firm foothold in the market:

– The hydraulic tipper

– The bogie lift that has made the bogie vehicle easy to drive and operate

– The automatic tailgate that makes dumping safer and easier.

– The dumper made of high-strength steel

– The self-supporting steel platform, stronger and lighter than traditional platforms

– Side-O-Matic for efficient side dumping

In 1982, the product range was extended to include hook loaders, and in the late 1980s the dumper semi-trailer was developed.

The introduction of a new generation of semi-trailers with triple bogies in 1994 established Sörling in the market as a supplier of efficient industrial transportation vehicles.

In 1993, Ilsbo Industrier AB in Enånger, Hälsingland, took over ownership of Sörlings.


The company was established in 1919 in Ilsbo.

In 1927, the first wire tipper was constructed and the first hydraulic tipper was delivered two years later.

In 1940, the company took the name of Bröderna Höglund Verkstäder AB in Ilsbo and had a staff of 35.

Over the next years, the company developed successfully and in 1967 the three Tulwe companies, Bröderna Höglund in Ilsbo, Trima in Enånger and Hildings Mekaniska in Umeå, merged and made Ilsbo their headquarters.

In 1971, Ilsbo Industrier moved to Engånger.

In 1979, Ilsbo Industrier delivered 550 tippers and 243 hydraulic units in the space of six months.

In 1993, Ilsbo Industrier acquired J. Sörling AB in Knivsta.

Following this takeover, the two companies Ilsbo and Sörling worked towards a standardisation of products and, by sharing knowledge and experience, developed strongly and successfully to meet the competition in their sector.

In 2002, the AMYMONE Group of Companies ( acquired Ilsbo Industrier.

J. Sörling-Ilsbo AB

In 2007, the two companies merged to form one entity after having worked under the market name Sörling-Ilsbo for many years.

The companies formally become a legal entity on 1st October 2007 under the name of J. Sörling-Ilsbo AB.

In March 2008, Amymone acquired PLS Flak & Skåp AB ( and the bodybuilding Group Ilsbo Intressenter was formed with the subsidiaries J. Sörling-Ilsbo AB and PLS Flak & Skåp AB.

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